British Sea Power

17 December 2014

17 December 2014

Newsboost Brass Excelsior

*Brass fantasia – new studio album, DVD, limited-edition box-set.

*Released via BSP’s original and now reactivated Golden Chariot label.

*Last orders for Krankenhaus, Derby Theatre and electrical London Barbican.

British Sea Power would like to announce the arrival of Sea Of Brass on record – a whole suite of new releases made with some of Britain’s leading brass bands. With their Sea Of Brass project BSP toured Britain with full, competition-standard brass orchestras – and are on the verge of a sell-out in the main hall at London’s Barbican Centre. Now the band announce an audio-visual collection to...

Barbican rescheduled 24/1/15

31 October 2014

Regarding the rescheduled Barbican SEA OF BRASS show, please read the following e-mail from the Barbican. Once again, thanks for your patience.

Dear ticket holder,

We are writing to you with some more information about the cancellation of the British Sea Power show on 25th October.

At approximately 20.00hrs on the evening of the concert, there was a major power failure on the National Grid affecting many areas of central London including EC1 – EC4. As a result, the Barbican lost a major source of power from one of the local transformers. Whilst some areas of the Barbican...

28 October 2014

29 October 2014

*BSP live at Drill:Brighton.

*London Barbican cancellation – a pain in the brass.

Firstly, British Sea Power would like to relay their thoughts and commiserations to everyone who came to see the band play live with the Redbridge Brass Band last Saturday, at the Barbican in London. The show had to be cancelled because of serious problems with the electrical power supply in the area.

News of the power problem arrived as the band prepared to take the stage beside the massed brass and in a packed 1,800-capacity hall. The band were knocked sideways by this eventuality – and would like to transmit...

23 October 2014

24 October 2014

*Last orders for Brass.

*Happiness soundtrack available.

*Krankenhaus is go this December.

*Noble remembers Sir Bobbys ‘Charlton’

*Sacred BSP text reveals Kate Humble teal peccadillo.

A date for the diary as the cold winds and brandy butter beckon – BSP will be returning to Brighton for a one-night-only manifestation of their fabled Krankenhaus club night:

British Sea Power present Krankenhaus
Friday 19 December 2014
The Haunt, Brighton, UK

Tickets here:

And, as the wild yule nears, thoughtful BSP have concocted something to present to loved ones and passing fancies. The band’s original soundtrack to the acclaimed film Happiness is now available on CD...

22 September 2014

22 September 2014

BSP-soundtracked film on BBC4 tonight.

A film listed as ‘The Himalayan Boy And The TV Set’ with original BSP soundtrack is to be screened at 10.00pm tonight on the BBC4 television channel.

This is the same film also known as ‘Happiness’ a feature-length documentary from the French director Thomas Balmes. The film depicts the life and times of Peyangki, a nine-year-old monk living in a remote village in the mountains of Bhutan, as the village comes to terms with the arrival of electricity and television. Tonight’s broadcast is as part of the BBC’s Storyville series.

It seems that The Himalayan...